Rose Gold Unique Princess Cut Alexandrite Engagement Ring

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Rose Gold Unique Princess Cut Alexandrite Engagement Ring

Rose Gold Princess Cut Alexandrite Engagement ring Details

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RING DETAILSMETAL: available in 14k or 18k solid yellow gold, white gold, rose gold,silver( Please contact me directly for palladium or platinum.)
SHAPE:Princess CutSide stones: real diamonds.
Total weight: 0.12 ct (High Quality)
Cut – roundColor: G-H
Clarity: SI-VSWidth of the gold band – 1.6MM

June Birthstone Guide: Alexandrite

Last year we talked about the marvelous moonstone for the month of June but this year, it’s alexandrite’s time to shine! This gem has unique color-changing abilities and other cool properties to discover. Let’s see what the alexandrite is all about!


One day while looking for emeralds in the Ural Mountains, miners stumbled upon something out of the ordinary. When they brought the stone deposits to the light, it turned red. Thus, the alexandrite was born!

Alexandrite Gloria Engagement Ring
Gloria Engagement Ring


While most gem names derive from a particular word or phrase, the alexandrite is different! The stone was actually named after Russia’s Alexander II because the stone was first discovered on his birthday in 1830. Could you imagine having a gemstone named after you?!

Sometimes described as “an emerald by day, ruby by night”, the alexandrite is an extremely rare color-change variety of the mineral chrysoberyl. The stone is a strongly pleochroic gem, meaning that it can show different colors when viewed from different angles. This color-changing phenomena is called “the alexandrite effect”. The chameleon-like gem can be a purplish red color by candle and can appear green in the daytime.

Alexandrite & Astrology

Time for a mini astrology sesh! The alexandrite represents the zodiac sign Gemini and is associated with the planet Mercury. As a stone of Mercury, it embodies the healing energy of the messenger god Mercury. Not only that, but it also represents hope, peace, growth, and prosperity. This stone of Mercury is believed to balance the mind, enhance intuition, bring clarity, and promote success.

Alexandrite Mae Ring
Mae Engagement Ring

Healing Properties

Known as a rejuvenating stone, the alexandrite picks you up if you’re ever feeling down. You will feel more confident than ever and you will see a huge improvement with your self-esteem. You’ll learn to give yourself a little more TLC and your best self will shine!

The gem also helps with emotional healing. If there has been something that is troubling you, don’t fret! With its healing powers, an alexandrite can provide comfort and show you that better days are on the horizon. Positive vibes only Rosettes!

Metaphysical Properties

This gem is going to bring a whole lotta joy to your life! The alexandrite will remind you to fill your life with happy moments. Sweating the small stuff will only kill your vibe – who wants that? Appreciating the little things and surrounding yourself with the right people is where it’s at and the alexandrite will help you see that. You will find that your mood will get an energy boost and you’ll have nothing but happy days ahead!

Luck, love, and good fortune is bound to come your way when you wear a piece of alexandrite jewelry. Random good news will start popping up and love will creep in when you least expect it. The gem will encourage you to strive to do your best and lead you to accomplish your goals. There’s nothing you can’t do!

Alexandrite Juniper Ring
Juniper Engagement Ring

What L&P Offers

Here at L&P, we have quite a few alexandrite options that may suit your style. If not, don’t worry! Our custom design process will allow you to dream up your ring vision and then we’ll bring it to life. Feel free to contact us to learn more or schedule a consultation so that one of our design consultants can discuss it with you. We’d love to hear from you!

What did you think of all those unique alexandrite facts? As always, be sure to follow us on our socials, check out our website, and subscribe to our newsletter to find out what’s new here at Love & Promise. Happy birthday month June Rosettes!